Paint The Town Grand

The Grand Healthcare System is launching a new marketing initiative to introduce their fresh new brand. Their advertising campaign invites the public to join them as they introduce the company to the towns and cities in which their facilities for nu

Those who participate are asked to submit their most inventive, fun and striking ideas to their campaign site Winners can win prizes up to $1,000 in cash.  The campaign is slated as an advertising strategy to elevate the company’s identity within these communities and to boast its distinctive collection of trusted healthcare and rehabilitation services.

Entering the contest is  simple folks  snap a picture of The Grand Healthcare System logo on their house, car, boat – or anywhere else that may make their picture standoud. Submissions should be posted to the official website, as well as to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, with the tag #paintthetowngrand. One winner will be chosen from each of the four towns that the campaign currently targets, including Rome, Chittenango, Pawling and Queens.


Event Details

Date: 20th November 2014 7:00 PM

Price: Free

Type: Launch/Premiere